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Bailsco offers both permanent mold and green sand casting capabilities. Our permanent molding department uses PLC controlled tilt and vertical pour machines. Many of our machines have been custom designed for our specific applications. The permanent molds are made from cast iron or steel and produce castings with a finer gain structure and better dimensional tolerances. Our sand molding department is a green sand foundry. We use both a sand slinger and jolt squeezers to make our molds. Bailsco uses reverb furnaces for melting our aluminum. Our current capacities include the following reverb furnaces: 8200 lbs, 6000 lbs, 2000 lbs, and (2) 1800 lbs. These furnaces are equipped with microprocessor-based temperature controls, and de-gassing apparatus. Bailsco also offers the capability of heat treating castings to the required Temper.

Bailsco utilizes custom designed permanent mold machines to produce many of our parts. This video illustrates the casting process for the 25 inch sheave.