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Adjustable Pitch Propellers

Bailsco’s adjustable pitch propeller (VIA and VIP) can be adjusted in the field. This product offers a sure method of insuring that each blade is correctly pitched to meet the design requirements of the propeller. It is often necessary to vary the pitch of the individual blades of a propeller in order to vary the performance characteristics of the propeller and/or to optimize the performance of the propeller relative to the output capabilities of the propeller’s power source. The VIA (Vari-Insert-Aluminum) and VIP (Vari-Insert-Plastic) is designed to provide a variable pitch blade in which the mechanism for setting and locking the blade in a desired pitch position is easily interchangeable, is easily fabricated, provides wide flexibility in setting a desired blade pitch position, and provides positive locking along the entire root shank of the blade to be fixed. This is accomplished by the use of locking inserts which slip into sockets in a hub half. Changing the pitch is done easily by unbolting the hub halves, removing the inserts, replacing the inserts with different pitch inserts, and bolting the two hub halves together again. No more protractors, just change inserts and go!